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  • Sikorsky S-64B

    This model is a version of S-64 CH-54

    c/n 64-060

    Year 1969 to 1981

    Helicopter Sikorsky S-64B Serial 64-060 Register N6965R used by ERA Helicopters. Built 1969. Aircraft history and location


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    usa ERA Helicopters

    1976-12-13Sikorsky S-64E c/n 64-060, ff 1969
    del ERA Aviation Inc as N6965R unk
    dam when Cowdrey, CO 13Dec76, repaired & returned to service
    w/o during logging operations near Kitsault Village, BC, Canada, 05Jun81, 2 fatalities.
    I was under the craft when it crashed, Charles Holmes LHS lost his life and Dwayne Snell RHS survived. Luckily there was only 1 fatality. There is much more to this story but Jack Ericson succeded in a publication ban as part of his settlement with Dwayne. Real shame because Charles didnt need to die. it was clearly Ericson's direction to the engineers that caused the failure.

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