Eurocopter EC135P2

C/N 0287

Built 2003

Helicopter Eurocopter EC135P2 Serial 0287 Register N135WJ N589AE used by LifeNetNY (LifeNet of New York) ,MCFR (Martin County Fire Rescue) ,CFS Air ,American Eurocopter (Eurocopter USA). Built 2003. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History

For N589AE see also
        uh-72a 9223
    2016 206l-4 52489


usa American Eurocopter

American Eurocopter


usa CFS Air

CFS Air Llc

usa State of Florida

2005-11Martin County Fire Rescue (MCFR) LifeStar by Nov05 MCFR
2005-11-11 A KSUA - Stuart, Florida
2006-11-11 A KSUA - Stuart, Florida

usa State of New York

Helifleet 2013-01 Llc Sep13-Sep18
Life Net of New York (LifeNetNY) by 2016 LifeNetNY


2018-10Equipment Operating Leases Llc at Norwalk, CT from Oct18
2019-01-03 Bennington, Vermont US
2019-02-02 Bennington, Vermont US
2019-02-16 Bedford, Massachusetts US
2019-02-17 Bennington, Vermont US
2019-04-07 Bennington, Vermont US
2019-05-09 Bennington, Vermont US
2019-09-18 Janesville, Wisconsin US
2019-09-20 Lagrange, Indiana US
2019-09-26 Bennington, Vermont US
2019-10-19 New York, New York US
2019-10-20 Bennington, Vermont US
2019-11-23 Bennington, Vermont US
2019-12-23 Lebanon, New Hampshire US

usa State of New York

2020-01-10 White Plains, New York
2020-01-23 Norwood, Massachusetts
2020-02-22 Bennington, Vermont
2020-03-08 Boston, Massachusetts
2020-03-22 Bennington, Vermont
2020-03-31 New York, New York
2020-04-01 Bennington, Vermont
2020-04-02 New York, New York
2020-04-11 Bennington, Vermont
2020-05-10 Clearfield, Pennsylvania
2020-06-12 Albany, New York
2020-06-14 Boston, Massachusetts
2020-06-18 Albany, New York
2020-07-19 Westfield/Springfield, Massachusetts
2020-07-29 Rochester, New York
Poughkeepsie, New York
2020-08-02 Syracuse, New York
2020-08-07 Newburgh, New York
2020-08-13 Boston, Massachusetts
2020-08-14 White Plains, New York
2020-08-19 Worcester, Massachusetts
Albany, New York
2020-08-23 Bedford, Massachusetts
2020-08-25 Schenectady, New York
2020-09-05 White Plains, New York
2020-09-07 Edinburg, New York
Westfield/Springfield, Massachusetts
2020-10-09 Albany, New York
2020-11-05 Plattsburgh, New York
2020-11-06 Bennington, Vermont
2020-12-06 Bennington, Vermont
2021-01-10 Albany, New York
2021-02-13 Schenectady, New York
2021-03-15 Poughkeepsie, New York
2021-03-19 Syracuse, New York
Albany, New York
2021-03-20 New York, New York
2021-03-22 Bennington, Vermont
2021-04-25 Albany, New York
2021-05-19 Syracuse, New York
2021-05-22 Poughkeepsie, New York
2021-06-21 Albany, New York
2021-07-15 Rochester, New York
2021-07-17 Bennington, Vermont
2021-07-31 Saranac Lake, New York
2021-08-01 Boston, Massachusetts
2021-08-02 Schenectady, New York
2021-08-24 Bedford, Massachusetts
2021-08-25 Albany, New York
2021-09-24 Wallkill, New York
2021-10-25 Albany, New York
2021-11-14 Norwood, Massachusetts
Schenectady, New York
2021-11-16 Worcester, Massachusetts
2021-11-24 Lakewood, Pennsylvania
2021-11-27 Northampton, Massachusetts
2021-12-10 New York City, New York
Albany, New York
2021-12-24 Plattsburgh, New York
Albany, New York
2022-01-21 Jefferson County, New York
2022-01-26 Plattsburgh, New York
Syracuse, New York
2022-02-05 Shoreham, Vermont
2022-03-14 Plattsburgh, New York
2022-03-15 Albany, New York
2022-03-20 Plattsburgh, New York
2022-04-03 Albany, New York
2022-04-06 Massena, New York
2022-04-10 Edinburg, New York
2022-04-22 White Plains, New York
2022-04-23 Plattsburgh, New York
2022-05-06 Albany, New York
2022-05-12 Plattsburgh, New York
2022-05-13 Albany, New York
2022-05-21 Marcellus, New York
2022-05-22 Round Lake, New York
2022-05-31 White Plains, New York
2022-06-03 Edinburg, New York
2022-06-20 Massena, New York
2022-06-21 Syracuse, New York
2022-06-24 Saranac Lake, New York
2022-07-08 Syracuse, New York
2022-07-09 Round Lake, New York
2022-07-11 Syracuse, New York
Saranac Lake, New York
Marcellus, New York
2022-07-13 Edinburg, New York
2022-07-17 Rochester, New York
Edinburg, New York
2022-07-23 Sterling, Pennsylvania
2022-08-18 Edinburg, New York
2022-08-19 Syracuse, New York
Albany, New York
2022-08-21 Saranac Lake, New York
2022-09-09 Marcellus, New York
2022-09-10 Plattsburgh, New York
Albany, New York
Saranac Lake, New York
2022-09-17 Albany, New York
2022-10-01 Saranac Lake, New York
2022-10-03 Albany, New York
2022-10-13 Burlington, Vermont
Albany, New York
2022-10-27 Bromont, Quebec CA
2022-10-29 Bennington, Vermont
2022-10-30 Saranac Lake, New York
2022-10-31 Syracuse, New York
Bennington, Vermont
2022-11-03 Jefferson County, New York
2022-11-04 Burlington, Vermont
Albany, New York
2022-11-05 Saranac Lake, New York
2022-11-07 Albany, New York
2022-11-22 Massena, New York
2022-11-23 Round Lake, New York
2022-11-26 Massena, New York
2022-11-27 Syracuse, New York
2022-12-02 Cornwall, Ontario CA
2022-12-04 Bennington, Vermont
2022-12-06 White Plains, New York
2022-12-10 Edinburg, New York
White Plains, New York
Round Lake, New York
2022-12-15 Massena, New York
2022-12-21 Westfield/Springfield, Massachusetts
2022-12-22 Plattsburgh, New York
2022-12-25 Albany, New York
2022-12-29 Plattsburgh, New York
2022-12-30 Albany, New York
2023-01-28 Plattsburgh, New York
Albany, New York
Hackensack, New Jersey
Albany, New York
2023-02-06 Plattsburgh, New York
Albany, New York
Plattsburgh, New York
2023-02-08 Albany, New York
2023-02-10 Plattsburgh, New York
2023-02-12 Albany, New York
Burlington, Vermont
2023-02-13 Schenectady, New York
2023-02-16 White Plains, New York
Round Lake, New York
2023-03-22 Round Lake, New York
2023-03-30 Cornwall, Ontario CA
2023-04-02 Round Lake, New York
2023-04-15 Boston, Massachusetts
Shoreham, Vermont
2023-05-15 Bennington, Vermont
2023-05-27 Massena, New York
Edinburg, New York
2023-05-29 White Plains, New York
Shoreham, Vermont
2023-05-30 Danbury, Connecticut
Shoreham, Vermont
2023-06-04 Syracuse, New York
2023-06-11 Sherbrooke, Quebec CA
2023-06-12 Bennington, Vermont
2023-07-12 Shoreham, Vermont
2023-07-19 Brockville, Ontario CA
2023-07-21 Edinburg, New York
2023-07-23 Massena, New York
Round Lake, New York
2023-07-30 Boston, Massachusetts
2023-07-31 Shoreham, Vermont
2023-08-01 Massena, New York
Syracuse, New York
Bennington, Vermont
2023-08-03 Jefferson County, New York
2023-08-05 Albany, New York
2023-08-31 Saranac Lake, New York
2023-09-03 Lebanon, New Hampshire
2023-09-04 Massena, New York
2023-09-05 Albany, New York
2023-10-05 Saranac Lake, New York
Albany, New York
2023-10-06 Plattsburgh, New York
2023-10-09 Rome, New York
2023-10-14 Plattsburgh, New York
2023-10-18 Syracuse, New York
2023-10-19 Shoreham, Vermont
2023-11-19 Round Lake, New York
2023-12-21 Burlington, Vermont
2024-01-18 Albany, New York
Plattsburgh, New York
2024-01-20 Albany, New York
2024-02-05 Saranac Lake, New York
2024-02-06 Albany, New York
2024-02-08 Saranac Lake, New York
2024-02-11 Albany, New York
2024-02-12 Plattsburgh, New York
2024-02-14 Albany, New York
2024-03-16 Albany, New York
2024-04-01 South Burlington, Vermont
2024-04-07 Rome, New York
South Burlington, Vermont
2024-04-08 Rome, New York
Burlington, Vermont
2024-04-09 Albany, New York
2024-04-15 Plattsburgh, New York
Albany, New York
2024-04-16 Plattsburgh, New York
2024-04-17 Albany, New York
2024-04-19 Plattsburgh, New York
2024-04-20 Albany, New York
2024-04-23 Saranac Lake, New York
Albany, New York
2024-04-25 Saranac Lake, New York
2024-05-17 Albany, New York
2024-06-13 Andover, New Jersey
Grasonville, Maryland
Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Round Lake, New York

Call sign for this aircraft: N135WJ

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