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  • NH Industries MRH90 Taipan

    This model is a version of NH90

    c/n Unknown

    Helicopter NH Industries MRH90 Taipan Serial unknown Register A40-039 used by Australian Army Aviation (Australian Army). Aircraft history and location


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    australia Australian Army Aviation

    TAUA39 Army
    Oct18 named Gurindal
    2020-11-26 MRCH77 Brisbane, Queensland
    2021-02-14 SAXN41 Fernvale, Queensland
    2021-03-28 SAXN87 Caboolture, Queensland
    2021-08-10 SAXN63 Toowoomba, Queensland
    2021-12-05 TRPR43 Oakey, Queensland
    2021-12-15 TRPR70 Fraser Island, Queensland
    2022-01-18 VIGL84 Oakey, Queensland
    2022-02-25 Oakey, Queensland
    2022-05-31 SNKR22 Toowoomba, Queensland
    2022-06-01 Ipswich, Queensland

    Call sign for this aircraft: LGON11 LGON2 LGON3 MRCH77 SAXN41 SAXN44 SAXN46 SAXN48 SAXN60 SAXN63 SAXN87 SNKR22 TRPR42 TRPR43 TRPR44 TRPR70 TRPR87 TRPR88 VIGL84

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