Mil Mi-8MTV-1

This model is a version of Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen)

c/n 95959

Helicopter Mil Mi-8MTV-1 Serial 95959 Register CCCP-27132 OB-2054-P RA-27132 ZS-RIX used by Helicopteros del Sur (Helisur) UTair Aviation UTair South Africa. Aircraft history


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Russia, to RA-27132
russia RA-27132
UTair Aviation
UTAir ?, to ZS-RIX
south africa ZS-RIX
UTair South Africa
UTAir South Africa ?, to Afghanistan unk
peru OB-2054-P
Helicopteros del Sur
Helicopteros del Sur
to be confirmed
peru OB-2054-P
Helicopteros del Sur
Feb/Jun 2019, sold MI-8 MTV-1 1991
4,727 total hours
Perfect machine for Fire Fighting or Heavy Lifting operations

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