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  • Sikorsky S-76C

    This model is a version of S-76

    c/n 760685

    Year 2007

    Helicopter Sikorsky S-76C Serial 760685 Register N798P used by Cleveland Clinic ,PHI Air Medical ,Sikorsky Helicopters. Built 2007. Aircraft history and location


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    usa Sikorsky Helicopters

    Sikorsky Jun07
    usa PHI Inc

    2017-01PHI Inc Dec07-Jan17
    PHI Air Medical from Jan17 PHI Air Medical
    usa State of Ohio

    Cleveland Clinic by 2017, op by PHI Cleveland Clinic
    2020-04-24A6OI8Cleveland, Ohio
    2020-05-07 PHM040A Lorain/Elyria, Ohio
    2020-05-18 PHM040A Cincinnati, Ohio
    Lorain/Elyria, Ohio
    2020-05-23 Dayton, Ohio
    2020-05-29 PHM040A Cleveland, Ohio
    2020-06-10 Morgantown, West Virginia
    PHM040A Cleveland, Ohio
    2020-06-21 Columbus, Ohio
    2020-06-23 PHM040A Cleveland, Ohio
    2020-07-08 PHM040A Buffalo, New York
    PHM040A Cleveland, Ohio
    2020-07-14 Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Cleveland, Ohio
    2020-07-26 PHM040A Cincinnati, Ohio
    2020-08-05 Cleveland, Ohio
    2020-08-25 PHM040A Fort Erie, Ontario CA
    2020-08-29 PHM040A Cleveland, Ohio
    2020-09-04 McConnelsville, Ohio
    2020-09-10 PHM040A Dayton, Ohio
    2020-09-11 PHM040A Cleveland, Ohio
    2020-10-13 Wooster, Ohio
    2020-10-28 PHM040A Cincinnati, Ohio
    PHM040A Cleveland, Ohio
    2020-11-04 Buffalo, New York
    Cleveland, Ohio
    2020-12-04 PHM040A Cleveland, Ohio
    2020-12-23 McConnelsville, Ohio
    Cleveland, Ohio
    2021-01-25 PHM040A Cleveland, Ohio
    2021-02-06 PHM040A Dayton, Ohio
    2021-02-08 Wooster, Ohio
    2021-03-01 PHM040A Battle Creek, Michigan
    2021-03-02 Cleveland, Ohio
    2021-03-08 Dayton, Ohio
    PHM040A Akron, Ohio
    2021-03-30 Chillicothe, Ohio
    Cleveland, Ohio
    2021-04-13 PHM040A Dayton, Ohio
    Lorain/Elyria, Ohio
    2021-04-24 PHM040A Chillicothe, Ohio
    2021-04-25 PHM040A Cleveland, Ohio
    2021-05-13 PHM040A Cincinnati, Ohio
    2021-05-19 PHM040A Cleveland, Ohio
    2021-06-08 PHM040A Dayton, Ohio
    PHM040A Cleveland, Ohio
    2021-06-22 PHM040A Hamilton, Ohio
    2021-06-24 Cleveland, Ohio
    2021-06-25 Cleveland, Ohio

    Call sign for this aircraft: PHM040A

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