Bell 407

c/n 53834

Year 2008

Helicopter Bell 407 Serial 53834 Register C-GGVI N402MA used by VIH Helicopters Ltd Bell Helicopter Canada Heli-Inter Mustang Helicopters Eagle Copters State of Montana. Built 2008. Aircraft history and location


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canada C-GGVI
Bell Helicopter Canada
Bell Canada Apr/Jun 2008, test serial C-GBUP
canada C-GGVI
VIH Helicopters Ltd
VIH Helicopters Ltd at North Saanich, BC Jun08-May12
canada C-GGVI
Mustang Helicopters
Mustang Helicopters Inc at Red Deer, AB 28may12
Heli Excel Inc at Sept-Iles, QC May/Sep 2012
canada C-GGVI
Héli-Inter Inc at St-Hubert, QC May12-Dec16
canada C-GGVI
Eagle Copters
Eagle Copters 407HP
Eagle Copters at Calgary, AB Dec16-May17
conv to Eagle 407HP
For N402MA see also:
    1985 222ut c/n 47540
    1990 412sp c/n 36009
Copter Lease Llc Trustee t Albuquerque, NM May/Jun 2017
usa N402MA
State of Montana
Minuteman Aviation Inc at Missoula, MT from Jun17 Minuteman Aviation

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