Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk

This model is a version of S-70 H-60

c/n 70-115

Year 1980

Helicopter Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk Serial 70-115 Register N600PV 79-23298 used by Sikorsky Helicopters US Army Aviation. Built 1980. Aircraft history and location

Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk c/n 70-115


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usa 79-23298
US Army Aviation
US Army
usa N600PV
Sikorsky Helicopters
For N600PV see also:
    1999 md600n c/n RN048
Sikorsky from Nov14
usa N600PV
Sikorsky Helicopters
New Fly-by-Wire Kit for Optionally Piloted Black Hawk
29may19 first flight with fly-by-wire kit at West Palm Beach, FL
usa N600PV
Sikorsky Helicopters
Black Hawk SFM Drone First Flight
Aug19 Triumph Group’ Sensor Feel Module (SFM) fly-by-wire technology kit
usa N600PV
Sikorsky Helicopters
Oct19 Optimally Piloted Black Hawk configuration and video during flight test of the Black Hawk pilot-optional kit at West Palm Beach, FL

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