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  • MBB Bk117B-1

    This model is a version of Bk117

    c/n 7211

    Year 1989

    Helicopter MBB Bk117B-1 Serial 7211 Register N250KF N117VU N8194S used by Air Methods ,SLCH (St. Louis Children’s Hospital) ,Omniflight ,Vanderbilt LifeFlight ,MBB Helicopter Corp. Built 1989. Aircraft history and location


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    usa MBB Helicopter Corp

    1989-12MBB Dec89, test serial D-HFDB


    usa Omniflight

    Omniflight Helicopters Inc at Addison, TX by 2003
    N217EC ntu
    usa State of Tennessee

    Vanderbilt LifeFlight Vanderbilt LifeFlight


    usa Omniflight

    Omniflight Helicopters Inc at Addison, TX Feb03-Mar14
    usa State of Missouri

    2013AKPOFSt Louis children's hospital (SLCH) /KidsFlight 2
    noted at Poplar Bluff Municipal Airport, MO SLCH
    usa Air Methods

    2014-03Air Methods from Mar14
    2020-05-09 Springfield, Missouri
    2020-06-06 St. Louis, Missouri
    2020-07-04 Springfield, Missouri
    2020-07-26 Lee's Summit, Missouri
    2020-08-02 Springfield, Missouri
    2020-08-03 Lee's Summit, Missouri
    Springfield, Missouri
    2020-09-03 Louisville, Kentucky
    2020-10-03 Louisville, Kentucky
    2020-11-03 Louisville, Kentucky
    2020-11-20 O'Fallon, Illinois
    2020-12-07 Bloomington/Normal, Illinois
    2020-12-08 Chicago/Waukegan, Illinois
    2020-12-10 Bloomington/Normal, Illinois
    2020-12-14 St. Louis, Missouri
    2021-01-08 Louisville, Kentucky
    St Louis, Illinois
    2021-01-10 Louisville, Kentucky
    2021-02-21 Louisville, Kentucky
    2021-03-09 Cahokia/St. Louis, Illinois
    2021-03-31 Springfield, Missouri
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2021-04-30 Louisville, Kentucky
    2021-05-08 Howell, Michigan
    Louisville, Kentucky
    2021-05-09 Howell, Michigan
    2021-06-05 O'Fallon, Illinois
    Danville, Illinois
    2021-06-07 Cahokia/St. Louis, Illinois
    2021-06-10 Louisville, Kentucky
    O'Fallon, Illinois
    2021-06-12 Louisville, Kentucky
    2021-07-13 Louisville, Kentucky
    2021-08-04 O'Fallon, Illinois
    2021-08-06 Bloomington/Normal, Illinois
    2021-08-09 St Louis, Illinois
    2021-08-10 Joliet, Illinois
    Springfield, Illinois
    Chicago, Illinois
    O'Fallon, Illinois
    Chicago, Illinois
    2021-08-11 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2021-09-11 St. Louis, Missouri
    Springfield, Missouri
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2021-09-12 Springfield, Missouri
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2021-09-14 Saint Louis, Missouri

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