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  • AgustaWestland AW101 611

    This model is a version of EH101

    c/n 50274

    Year 2020

    Helicopter AgustaWestland AW101 611 Serial 50274 Register MM81875 used by Aeronautica Militare Italiana AMI (Italian Air Force). Built 2020. Aircraft history and location


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    italy Aeronautica Militare Italiana

    2020-06-0515-14AEGHGZR363 First flight, grey scheme
    2020-06-12BEGDYTest flight Callsign WHE04
    2020-06-2515-14BEGDYDelivery flight Callsign WHE02 (Westland02)
    2020-06-2915-14CCascina Costa AgustaTest flight
    2020-07-15ELIMCSeen approacing Cascina Costa facility with the MM part of the registration covered.
    2020-11-13FLIRMComing from Cervia Callsign Veltro01 23 Gruppo
    2020-11-26GLIDRCallsign VELTRO01
    2020-12-07HLIPQCallsign IAM1570
    ILIPCCallsign IAM1570
    2020-12-09ILIPCCalssign VELTRO01
    2020-12-12 Cervia, Emilia-Romagna
    2020-12-15 Pomezia, Lazio
    2020-12-22 GRANNY03 Treviso, Veneto
    2020-12-23 GRANNY02 Pontedera, Toscana
    2020-12-24VELTRO01JLIPXVerona, Veneto
    VELTRO01ILIPCCervia, Emilia-Romagna
    2021-02-19GRANNY01ILIPCFlight over base
    2021-03-09 PUMA23 Oristano, Sardinia
    2021-03-20KLIRECallsign IAM1571 (Off airport)
    2021-03-22GRANNY02ILIPCExercise on oil (gas) platform in Adriatic sea (?) + GRANNY03 off airport 15° Stormo
    Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna
    2021-04-30 Pomezia, Lazio
    2021-05-03 VELTRO01 Cervia, Emilia-Romagna
    VELTRO01 , SM

    Call sign for this aircraft: A671 GRANNY02 GRANNY03 PUMA15 PUMA23 TIGER11 VELTRO01

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