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  • Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota

    This model is a version of EC145

    c/n Unknown

    Helicopter Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota Serial unknown Register 17-72444 used by US Army Aviation Army. Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Army Aviation

    US Army
    2020-07-01 DEALR12 Enterprise, Alabama
    2020-08-04 DEALR00 Crestview, Florida
    2020-10-19 Enterprise, Alabama
    2021-04-06 KICKS36 Crestview, Florida
    2021-05-24 Fort Rucker/New Brockton, Alabama
    2021-06-28 Fort Rucker/Ozark, Alabama
    2021-08-20 PIXEL17 Fort Rucker/New Brockton, Alabama
    2021-09-24 Fort Rucker/New Brockton, Alabama
    2021-10-27 Fort Rucker/New Brockton, Alabama
    2022-04-04 Troy, Alabama
    2022-05-17 DEALS16 Enterprise, Alabama
    2022-06-22 TOTES79 Fort Rucker, Alabama
    2022-06-27 HATED75 Fort Rucker/New Brockton, Alabama

    Call sign for this aircraft: 01972444 DEALR00 DEALR12 DEALS16 DEALS31 DEALS95 DENTS86 HATED75 HOIST06 KICKS36 NICAD14 PIXEL17 RIDE11 RIDE51 RIDE72 TOTES79 VAMP36

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