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  • Airbus Helicopters H145 / EC145T2

    c/n 20324

    Year 2020

    Helicopter Airbus Helicopters H145 / EC145T2 Serial 20324 Register D-HILF used by DRF Luftrettung DRF Christoph 42 (DRF). Built 2020. Aircraft history and location


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    For D-HILF see also:
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            105a c/n S-5
            105a c/n S-17
        1985 as350b c/n 1866
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    germany DRF Luftrettung

    2020-07-27AEDDVDRF reg Feb20
    2020-07-28BEDXRto be confirmed Christoph 42 (DRF) DRF Ambulance at Rendsburg-Schachtholm
    CHX42 Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein
    2020-07-31CDIAKO FlensburgFlensburg, Schleswig-Holstein
    CHX42 Sylt, Schleswig-Holstein
    2020-08-30 CHR42 , Schleswig-Holstein
    2020-09-17 CHX42 Kassel, Hesse
    CHX42 Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg
    CHX42 Korbach, Hesse
    CHX42 Sommerland, Schleswig-Holstein
    2020-10-17 CHX42 Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein
    2020-11-16 CHX42 Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein
    2020-12-04 Bückeburg, Lower Saxony
    2020-12-16 Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg
    2021-01-30 Halle Oppin, Saxony-Anhalt
    2021-03-02 CHX84 Halle Oppin, Saxony-Anhalt
    2021-04-02 Halle Oppin, Saxony-Anhalt
    2021-05-02 CHX84 Halle Oppin, Saxony-Anhalt
    2021-06-01 Dessau, Saxony-Anhalt
    2021-07-01 CHX84 Halle Oppin, Saxony-Anhalt
    2021-07-19 CHX84 Hamburg, Hamburg
    2021-07-20 CHX84 Halle Oppin, Saxony-Anhalt
    2021-07-24 Suhl, Thuringia

    Call sign for this aircraft: BTX DI CHR42 CHX11 CHX42 CHX84 CHX84 0 CHY84 CHZ84 DG B R EA C A2B EC2B D M KHX84 SHX84

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