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  • Sikorsky CH-3C

    This model is a version of S-61 H-3

    c/n 61-504

    Year 1963 to 1969

    Helicopter Sikorsky CH-3C Serial 61-504 Register 62-12579 used by US Air Force. Built 1963. Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Air Force

    1964-02-09USAF CH-3C d/d 09Feb64
    w/o 06Nov69
    Sikorsky CH-3E 28mar68
    During a mission to fly Laotian troops to a dirt landing strip at Maung Phine, Laos, the first CH-3,222 (Knife61) was starting its approach, when hit by ground fire, leading to engine failure and a crash landing. The second CH-3, 579 (Knife 62) was also hit by ground fire and lost. Jolly Green HH-3s were called in, but after one was hit by ground fire, it returned to NKP, and finally two Jolly HH-53s were able to rescue everyone before dark.

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