McDonnell Douglas AH-64A Apache

c/n PV119

Written off 1987

Helicopter McDonnell Douglas AH-64A Apache Serial PV119 Register 84-24259 used by US Army Aviation. Aircraft history and location


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usa 84-24259
US Army Aviation
2-6th Cav. w/o in Germany 2/6 CAV
usa 84-24259
US Army Aviation
this aircraft actually crashed in october 1987. aircrew was attempting to avoid low power lines and made hard contact from 40+ verticle feet , the airframe suffered irrepairable damage along with avionic, control surfaces, main engine and rotor damage. aircraft was returned to hood af in november 1987 where it stayed in the 2/6cav parts depot enclosure for an additional 18 months. post and during investigation serviceable items were removed for re-distribution on common models. this event took place during reforger 87.

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