Sikorsky S-61N

This model is a version of S-61 H-3

c/n 61-143

Year 1962 Scr 2015

Helicopter Sikorsky S-61N Serial 61-143 Register EI-SAR G-AYOM N94565 JA9506 N4585 used by Garda Cósta na hÉireann (Irish Coast Guard) CHC Ireland Bond Aviation Group Brintel Helicopters British International Helicopters British Caledonian Helicopter British Airways Helicopters British European Airways (BEA) Sikorsky Helicopters Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries). Built 1962. Aircraft history and location


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usa Sikorsky Helicopters

1970-11-25Sikorsky S-61N del Mitsubishi as M61-001 JA9506, rtnd as N4585 25Nov/29Dec 1970
For JA9506 see also:
    1962 S-61L c/n M61-001


japan Mitsubishi

1970-11-25Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in kit form reassembled as MS61-N, c/n M61-001


usa Sikorsky Helicopters

Mitsubishi S-61 M61-001


united kingdom British European Airways

1970-12-30BEA Helicopters from 30dec70, details whilst in the uk supplied by an employee
united kingdom British Airways Helicopters

1973-01-26BAH from 26jan73
17may77 Only recorded accident: undercarriage collapsed during ground taxi at Aberdeen
1978-07-11AEGPDBAH noted in service at Aberdeen
1985-07-31BAH again from 31jul85
united kingdom British Caledonian Helicopter

1984-06-13British Caledonian Helicopters from 13jun84 (loan), rtn BAH
united kingdom British International Helicopters

BIH from Aug85-Jan93
united kingdom Brintel Helicopters

Brintel Helicopters Jan93-Mar98
united kingdom Bond Aviation Group

Bond Helicopters Mar/Jun 1998


ireland CHC Ireland

1998-06CHC Ireland from Jun98
2014-01BEIWT being dismanteled with EI-GCE at Weston, Dublin
2014-05-07CSeaforth Docks seen at Seaforth Docks Liverpool, ready for shipping by sea to Canada for conversion for a logging company
ireland Garda Cósta na hÉireann

Irish Coast Guard 1998-2013, op by CHC
2012-05DEIWF still with Coast Guard rescue and based in Waterford, Ireland
2013-12-10DEIWF Rescue 117 10dec13 13:00hs will stand to complete its last SAR watch being replaced by the new S-92A from 11-Dec-2013

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