Airbus H175

C/N 5057

Built 2022

Helicopter Airbus H175 Serial 5057 Register G-NHVL used by NHV Helicopters Ltd NHV UK. Built 2022. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


united kingdom NHV Helicopters Ltd

2022-10-12 A EGSHNHV Helicopters Ltd at Norwich from Oct22, test serial F-WWOE
2022-10-18 B EGPDAberdeen, Scotland
2022-10-30 C EGPBShetland Islands, Scotland
2022-11-15 NHZ790 Aberdeen, Scotland
2022-12-15 NHZ651 Peterhead, Scotland
2022-12-28 NHZ641 Blyth, England
NHZ641 Aberdeen, Scotland
2023-02-08 NHZ685 Aberdeen, Scotland
2023-03-12 NHZ651 Aberdeen, Offshore UK
2023-03-30 NHZ725 Wick, Scotland
NHZ730 Block 21/18, Kittiwake Field, Offshore UK
2023-05-11 NHZ601T Aberdeen, Scotland
2023-05-13 NHZ730 Eastern Trough Area Project, Offshore UK
NHZ730 Aberdeen, Scotland
NHZ655 Block 29/5B, Elgin/Franklin Fd, Offshore UK
NHZ655 Aberdeen, Scotland
2023-05-14 NHZ730 Block 21/25, Gannet field, Offshore UK
NHZ630 Aberdeen, Scotland
2023-06-13 NHZ680 Aberdeen, Offshore UK
NHZ681 Block 30/7A, Judy Field, Offshore UK
2023-06-15 NHZ602T Aberdeen, Offshore UK
2023-07-08 NHZ651 Block 30/6, Stella Field, Offshore UK
NHZ651 Aberdeen, Offshore UK
NHZ652 Block 22/14B, Huntington field, Offshore UK
NHZ652 Aberdeen, Offshore UK
2023-07-10 NHZ680 Block 29/7, Curlew field, Offshore UK
NHZ680 Aberdeen, Offshore UK
2023-07-11 NHZ681 Block 29/7, Curlew field, Offshore UK
NHZ681 Aberdeen, Offshore UK
2023-07-12 Aberdeen, Offshore UK
2023-08-02 NHZ681 Block 29/7, Curlew field, Offshore UK
NHZ681 Aberdeen, Scotland
2023-09-01 NHZ652 Aberdeen, Offshore UK
2023-09-08 NHZ681 Block 29/7, Curlew field, Offshore UK
NHZ681 Aberdeen, Offshore UK
2023-11-09 NHZ601T Aberdeen, Scotland

Call sign for this aircraft: NHZ601T NHZ602T NHZ630 NHZ631 NHZ641 NHZ651 NHZ652 NHZ653 NHZ654 NHZ655 NHZ656 NHZ657 NHZ680 NHZ681 NHZ685 NHZ686 NHZ725 NHZ726 NHZ730 NHZ731 NHZ735 NHZ736 NHZ785 NHZ790 NHZ790 NHZ791 NHZ792

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