AgustaWestland AW139

C/N 32003

Built 2022

Helicopter AgustaWestland AW139 Serial 32003 Register G-SHDF used by Executive Jet Charter Ltd EJC. Built 2022. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


united kingdom Executive Jet Charter Ltd

2023-03-08 A EGLFExecutive Jet Charter Ltd Mar23, test serial I-PTFR
2023-03-18 GSHDF York, England
GSHDF Cranfield, England
2023-03-19 Kettering, Northamptonsire
GSHDF Leatherhead, England
GSHDF Retford, England
2023-03-27 GSHDF Holyhead, Wales
GSHDF Dishforth, England
2023-03-28 GSHDF Newmarket, England
GSHDF Dishforth, England
2023-03-29 GSHDF Holyhead, Wales
GSHDF Church Fenton, England
2023-03-30 GSHDF Kilcock, Leinster IE
GSHDF Block 110/15, Liverpool Bay Fd, Offshore UK
GSHDF Cirencester, England
2023-04-06 GSHDF Wakefield, England
2023-04-20 GSHDF Watlington, England
2023-04-21 GSHDF Wakefield, England
GSHDF Dublin, Leinster IE
GSHDF Southport, England
2023-04-26 GSHDF Dublin, Leinster IE
2023-04-27 GSHDF Dishforth, England
2023-05-05 GSHDF Cambridge, England
2023-05-06 GSHDF Dishforth, England
GSHDF Newmarket, England
2023-05-07 GSHDF Dishforth, England
GSHDF Wicklow, Leinster IE
GSHDF Newmarket, England
2023-05-08 GSHDF Dublin, Leinster IE
GSHDF Preston, England
2023-05-09 GSHDF Dumfries, Scotland
2023-05-10 GSHDF York, England
Glasgow, Scotland
2023-05-14 GSHDF York, England
2023-05-16 GSHDF Holyhead, Wales
GSHDF Leeds, England
2023-05-19 GSHDF Holyhead, Wales
GSHDF Sherburn-in-Elmet, England
2023-05-23 GSHDF Luton, England
GSHDF Church Fenton, England
2023-06-19 GSHDF High Wycombe, England
2023-06-22 GOLD04 Leeds, England
Guildford, England
2023-06-23 GOLD04 Harrogate, England
GOLD04 Towcester, England
2023-06-24 GSHDF Harrogate, England
2023-06-26 GSHDF Pershore, England
2023-06-30 GSHDF Harrogate, England
2023-07-06 GSHDF Hatfield, England
2023-07-07 GSHDF Wakefield, England
2023-07-08 GSHDF Hemel Hempstead, England
GSHDF Church Fenton, England
2023-07-09 GSHDF London, England
GSHDF Doncaster, England
2023-07-20 GSHDF Holyhead, Wales
GSHDF Sutton Coldfield, England
2023-07-21 GSHDF Shoeburyness, England
GSHDF Creil, Hauts-de-France FR
GSHDF Ashford, England
GSHDF Atherstone, England
GSHDF Holyhead, Wales
GSHDF Blackburn, England
2023-08-02 GSHDF Huntingdon, England
2023-08-03 GSHDF Harrogate, England
2023-08-04 GSHDF Valley, Wales
GSHDF Leeds, England
GSHDF Huntingdon, England
2023-08-05 GSHDF Wicklow, Leinster IE
GSHDF Ormskirk, England
2023-08-22 GSHDF Bray, Leinster IE
GSHDF Kirkham, England
2023-09-08 GSHDF Dublin, Leinster IE
Harrogate, England
2023-09-10 GSHDF Newbridge, Leinster IE
GSHDF , Offshore UK
2023-09-13 GSHDF Kilrush, Leinster IE
GSHDF Block 110/12, Conwy Field, Offshore UK
GSHDF Newark-on-Trent, England
2023-09-14 GSHDF Colwyn Bay, Wales
2023-09-15 GSHDF Nottingham, England
2023-09-22 GSHDF Penrith, England
2023-09-30 GSHDF Nottingham, England
GSHDF Ashford, England
GSHDF Gisors, Normandie FR
2023-10-01 GSHDF Ashford, England
GSHDF Cranwell, England
2023-10-24 GSHDF Warminster, England
2023-10-25 GSHDF Newmarket, England
GSHDF Harrogate, England
2023-10-26 GSHDF Huntingdon, England
GSHDF Holyhead, Wales
2023-11-01 GSHDF Market Harborough, England
2023-12-28 GSHDF Church Fenton, England
2024-01-18 GSHDF Newmarket, England
2024-01-19 GSHDF Linton-on-Ouse, England
GSHDF Cambridge, England
2024-01-31 GSHDF Church Fenton, England
GSHDF Newmarket, England
2024-02-01 GSHDF Harrogate, England
2024-02-02 GSHDF Bishops Cleeve, England
2024-03-08 GSHDF Sherborne, England
GSHDF Ripley, England
2024-04-09 GSHDF Church Fenton, England
GSHDF Cirencester, England
Church Fenton, England
2024-04-10 GSHDF Yeovil, England
2024-05-03 GSHDF Herne Bay, Offshore UK
GSHDF Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland NL
GSHDF Colchester, England
Yeovil, England

Call sign for this aircraft: GOLD04 GSHDF GSHDF

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