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    This model is a version of 212

    c/n 31035

    Helicopter Bell UH-1N Serial 31035 Register 69-6629 used by US Air Force USAF. Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Air Force

    1971AVVCR I was assigned this after helping to assemble it at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. Brand new from the factory. Crew chief for 1 year. Then finished my 4 year commitment at Hill AFB Ut. Good to see its still in service well at least up till 2012. SGT. Joe Z. ( Ed. 20th SOS ) 20th SOS
    1975BKSAW-1977 asg 48th ARRSQ Det.2 at Sawyer AFB, Marquette, MI 48th RQS
    1978CKHMN-1981 I worked on this when it was assigned at Holloman AFB Det. 6,40th ARRS. Also on 69-6619 40th ARRS
    1988CKHMN, I was assigned to this when we were disbanded and reassigned . I believe was sent to Davis Montham to the boneyard and 69-6619 went to Germany. We had 3 choppers and 2 went to the boneyard ,the 3rd tail number eludes me. SrA Tim Green
    That third tail number was 69-6601 from Macdill AFB. SSGT Larry DuBois
    1996DKABQ/97 with 512th SOS at Kirtland AFB 512th RQS
    2012EKMIB2009 asg 54th HS, Minot AFB
    still 54th HS

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