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  • Eurocopter EC135P2

    This model is a version of EC135

    c/n 0282

    Year 2003

    Helicopter Eurocopter EC135P2 Serial 0282 Register D-HTMI SE-HPZ used by Helicopter Travel Munich HTM ,Rikspolisstyrelsen RPS (Swedish National Police). Built 2003. Aircraft history and location


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    sweden Rikspolisstyrelsen

    Polis 8-0942. d/d 2003
    2003-09-18 8-0942 AESSA - Vallentuna, Stockholm
    2004-01-03 8-0942 BESGP - Säve, Västra Götaland
    2005-08-23 8-0942 BESGP - Säve, Västra Götaland
    2008-08-30BESGP - Säve, Västra Götaland
    2011-12-18BESGP - Säve, Västra Götaland
    2014-03-06emergency landing at Barsebäck due engine problem


    germany Helicopter Travel Munich

    2015-11HTM from Nov15
    2019-01-03 HTM03I Helgoland, Schleswig-Holstein
    2019-08-20 Borkum, Lower Saxony
    2019-09-19 Borkum, Lower Saxony
    2019-12-02 Borkum, Lower Saxony
    2020-01-04 HTM04I Emden, Lower Saxony
    2020-02-07 HTM07I Borkum, Lower Saxony
    2020-02-20 Mainz Finthen, Rhineland-Palatinate
    Greven, North Rhine-Westphalia
    Augsburg, Bavaria
    2020-05-12 München, Bavaria
    2020-06-11 München, Bavaria
    2020-07-13 München, Bavaria
    2020-08-27 München, Bavaria
    2020-09-12 Belluno, Veneto IT
    2020-09-14 Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria
    2020-10-26 Innsbruck, Tirol AT
    2020-11-27 München, Bavaria
    2020-12-30 Rheine Bentlage, North Rhine-Westphalia
    Oedheim, Baden-Württemberg
    München, Bavaria
    2021-01-08 Block 110/12, Conwy Field, Offshore UK UK
    Humberside, England UK
    , Offshore Netherlands NL
    2021-01-09 Donabate, Leinster IE
    2021-01-22 OSPRY70 Cork, Munster IE
    2021-01-29 OSPRY70 Dublin, Leinster IE
    OSPRY70 Mallow, Munster IE
    2021-02-12 OSPRY70 Dublin, Leinster IE
    2021-02-15 OSPRY70 Bantry, Munster IE
    OSPRY70 Dublin, Leinster IE
    2021-02-16 OSPRY70 Castletown-Bearhaven, Munster IE
    2021-02-22 OSPRY70 Rosslare, Leinster IE
    2021-03-08 OSPRY70 Castletown-Bearhaven, Munster IE
    OSPRY70 Castlebar, Connacht IE
    2021-03-28 St Davids, Offshore UK UK
    Emsworth, England UK
    2021-03-29 , Namur BE
    Brighton, England UK
    2021-03-30 München, Bavaria
    2021-05-28 München, Bavaria
    2021-07-12 Murnau am Staffelsee, Bavaria
    2021-07-16 Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate
    Oberpfaffenhofen, Bavaria
    2021-07-29 Terni, Umbria IT
    Lugo di Romagna, Emilia-Romagna IT
    München, Bavaria
    2021-07-30 Lugo di Romagna, Emilia-Romagna IT
    Bolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige IT

    Call sign for this aircraft: HTM01I HTM03I HTM04I HTM07I HTM13I HTM14I HTM18I HTM19I HTM20I HTM23I HTM29I HTM30I OSPRY70

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