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    This model is a version of 212

    c/n 31003

    Helicopter Bell UH-1N Serial 31003 Register PNC-5000 68-10774 used by Policia Nacional de Colombia PNC (Colombian National Police) ,US Air Force USAF. Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Air Force

    1976AKEDWbefore 76 to mid 80 was at Edwards AFB, then it was reassigned to Hill AFB. I was stationed at Edwards with the 6515 OMS to work the two utility acft. (also 69-6660) 6515 OMS
    1977 hit power lines near El Centro CA. Broke glass out of both windshields, lines whipped holes in tail-boom and cargo door but landed safely. Flatbed back to Edwards and repaired
    1977BKNJKafter it went through the wire we finally got it on the ground, the pitot tube steel braided lines keep it out of the rotor system. we did a quick look over and continued on to El Centro. Had a piece of tubing rolled to the shape of the pitot boom tube, split it, clamped it on and it was flown back to Edwards. I came back on O-2
    to colombian police as PNC-5000


    colombia Policia Nacional de Colombia

    Policia N-04. ex N50094. BuNo 68-10774

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