Bell CH-136 Kiowa

This model is a version of 206

c/n 44058

Written off 1985

Helicopter Bell CH-136 Kiowa Serial 44058 Register 136258 used by Canadian Armed Forces. Aircraft history

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canada 136258
Canadian Armed Forces
BuNo 71-20923. 427 sqd w/o 12jun85
canada 136258
Canadian Armed Forces
lost 12jun85, crashed in Lac Findlay, Quebec while conducting a night navigation training mission, PIC Major Robert "Duke" Connell, Observer Sergeant Henry A. Andersen
canada 136258
Canadian Armed Forces
The free-wheeling outer race was outside the manufacturer’s specification for roundness. This, over time eventually, resulted in slippage of the spraggs, the end result being the shearing of the stub shaft. This effectively disconnected the engine from the drive train with no indication to the crew of the actual problem and resulted in an out of control condition from which they could not recover.

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