Mitsubishi S-62J

c/n M62-003

Year 1963

Helicopter Mitsubishi S-62J Serial M62-003 Register JA9010 N6960R ZS-HCW used by Aero Asahi Corporation Helicopteros Marinos Court Helicopters. Built 1963. Aircraft history and location


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japan JA9010
Aero Asahi Corporation
For JA9010 see also:
    1962 s-62a c/n 62-019
Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-019
supplied to Mistubishi as parts 1962
built as MS-62J, c/n M62-003, ff?
del Asahi Helicopters as JA9010, 10May63
sold Autair as ZS-HCW, 25Nov69
lsd Court Airlines (South Africa) as ZS-HCW 11Feb70
crashed Table Bay Harbour, 23May71
rebuilt using parts from ZS-HDJ (c/n 62-006) 75-76
returned to service, Aug76
lsd Helicopter Services unk
sold Area Material De Quimes (Argentina) as gorund instructional airframe, unk
status unk.
south africa ZS-HCW
Court Helicopters
For ZS-HCW see also:
    1962 s-62a c/n 62-019
argentina N6960R
Helicopteros Marinos
For N6960R see also:
    1962 s-64a c/n 64-003
ex JA9010. ex ZS-HCW. Helicopteros Marinos d/d Aug83. donated to ENET (Tech school) Area Material Quilmes. scrapped by 23sep93

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