Boeing CH-47D Chinook

This model is a version of 414 - H-47D Chinook

c/n M.3085

Written off 2010

Helicopter Boeing CH-47D Chinook Serial M.3085 Register 147202 84-24181 used by Canadian Armed Forces US Army Aviation. Aircraft history

Boeing CH-47D Chinook c/n M.3085


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usa 84-24181
US Army Aviation
US Army cnvt. from ex CH-47C 67-18550
2009 to Canada as 147202
usa 84-24181
US Army Aviation
Operation Desert Shield/Storm
1990 we had a class b accident in Saudi Arabia during Desert Shield. aircraft lift degraded on night training mission during final turn. training block struck the ground and dragged in 330 yds. slings failed in block on front of the block and came through aircraft floor. Rear hook broke and finally released. Aircraft was nearly pulled into the ground. front rotor blades were approximatly 2 ft from striking the ground
canada 147202
Canadian Armed Forces
For 147202 see also:
    1959 YHU2K-1 c/n 1
ex BuNo 84-24181. CAF d/d 2009 in Afghanistan
w/o 05aug10 brought down by enemy small arms fire and immediately burst into flames upon landing 20 km SW of Kandahar city

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