Boeing CH-47D Chinook

This model is a version of 414 - H-47D Chinook

c/n M.3205

Year 1963 Scr 2014

Helicopter Boeing CH-47D Chinook Serial M.3205 Register 147203 87-00086 used by Canadian Armed Forces US Army Aviation. Built 1963. Aircraft history


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usa 87-00086
US Army Aviation
US Army cnvt. from ex CH-47A 62-02133.
1994 5-159AVN
1995 5-159AVN
end nov1995 A/5-159AVN in United Kingdom for visit president Clinton.
end may1997 A/5-159AVN IFOR mrks. in Netherlands for visit president Clinton.
in 2009 to Canada as 147203
usa 87-00086
US Army Aviation
March 2004 - March 2005: Deployed from Hawaii to Afghanistan for OEF V
usa 87-00086
US Army Aviation
scrapped serviceable components removed for F model program Middletown Del/ 203 return to storage davis moffit AZ
usa 87-00086
US Army Aviation
Aug14 in Middletown Delaware USA along with 147204 being utilized as maintenance trainers for RCAF CH147F techs. Expected to be returned to storage at Davis-Monthan when training is complete
canada 147203
Canadian Armed Forces
For 147203 see also:
    1959 YHU2K-1 c/n 2
ex BuNo 87-00086. CAF d/d 2009 in Afghanistan
Oct11 to AMARG

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