Westland Lynx mk86

C/N 235

Built 1981

Helicopter Westland Lynx mk86 Serial 235 Register 235 used by Kystvakten (Norwegian Coast Guard). Built 1981. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History

For 235 see also
        uh-1h 13899
        UH-1C 1775
    1967 Wasp f.9680 w/o 1978


norway Kystvakten

1988-01-12Norway Coast Guard KYSTVAKT, Westland test serial G-17-12
w/o 12jan88 crashed at Andsvann near Bardufoss due to white-out
sent to Westland to repair it
Westland using only a few components from the wrecked Lynx and they gave it later the c/n.LA.363.R1 dated jan90
This Lynx is still flying as 235 in RNoAF. The old wreked fuselage is used by the RNoAF technical school at LSK Kjevik as a instructional airframe, also wearing the serial 235.

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