Bell UH-1F Iroquois

This model is a version of 204

c/n 7034

Written off 1970

Helicopter Bell UH-1F Iroquois Serial 7034 Register 64-15484 used by US Air Force. Aircraft history and location


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usa 64-15484
US Air Force
conv UH-1P
14 SOW w/o 25sep70 South Vietnam/Cambodian border
usa 64-15484
US Air Force
this chopper went down in Cambodia on Sept 25,1970 on a re-supply mission... pilot Jackie P Heil (killed) pilot HB Carrington gunner Gerald R cooper (killed) gunner DJ Galvan (injured) Crew chief Bart Anderson
usa 64-15484
US Air Force
This was not a resupply mission. It was a combat training mission while standing strip alert at Duc Lap, RVN, with 4 gunships, 5th gun, and 3 VNAF H-34B slicks, supporting five LRRP teams in Cambodia. Two gunships and two slicks went across the line to practice under fire coordination. While coming over a low ridge, the H-34 Slick turned left instead of right (directions by overhead USAF FAC in 0-2). When Jackie came over the ridge, he had to make a very sharp turn to avoid headon collision, and went into the trees. I KNOW, because I was the copilot in 5th gun, with Lou Glass being the aircraft commander. We picked up the two survivors of 64-1584 via long line ropes.

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