Bell UH-1F Iroquois

This model is a version of 204

c/n 7053

Written off unknown

Helicopter Bell UH-1F Iroquois Serial 7053 Register 65-7912 N17LA used by US Air Force. Aircraft history


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usa 65-7912
US Air Force
US Whiteman AFB ( 1966 )
I was Crew Cheif from the day it left the factory. It was used for Minuteman Missile support mainly. But had on many occassions supported the Atomic Engery commission. Example chasing radiation clouds. Nevada and in Mississippi. The helicopter was assign to the 351st Missile Sq. Whiteman AFB, MO. Maintained by the 351st Consolidated Line Maintance Sq. under Col Sam Tuck
For N17LA see also:
    1992 412hp c/n 36044
1982-1992, ex 65-7912
w/o unk

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