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    This model is a version of S-61 H-3

    c/n 61-012

    Year 1960 to 1974

    Helicopter Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King Serial 61-012 Register 148034 used by US Navy USN (United States Naval Aviation). Built 1960. Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Navy

    1959AKNQXOne of the original 10 HSS-2's delivered to Key West for the Fleet Indoctrination Program. Upon completion of the program transferred to HS-10. HS-10
    Sikorsky SH-3G Sea King 24aug71 conv to SH-3G
    www.logbookmag.com reports: "61-012, HSS-2, 148034, Notes: USN. Re-designated as SH-3A on 18 September 1962. Later upgraded to SH-3G specifications. On 22 July 1974, while assigned to HC-1, Det 4, it was written of at Imperial Beach, California. One other source has a rather bizarre end to this Sea King. Some information remains the same - on 22 July 1974, this SH-3G was assigned to HC-1, Det 4, however the demise of this Sea King occurred some 70 miles from Manila, in the Philippines, while operating from the USS Ranger. This source says that the Sea King was hit by an AIM-9 air-to-air missile fired from a McDonnell F-4 Phantom II, assigned to VF-21. The Sea King went down and the crew of six perished. Any further info?"
    This tragic incident I saw with my own eyes. The USS Ranger was having an air show for the crew and also at least 1 destroyer, following close behind us. I was a Flight Deck Trouble Shooter for the A-6 aircraft, I was in 1 of two A-6 Squadrons on board. There were at least 2 air to air missiles fired from the Phantom aircraft at the time of the incident. The first missile fired came within feet of hitting the stack of the destroyer then into to water it went. The second missile fired struck the helicopter. There was a massive explosion that totally destroyed the helicopter. The only thing you could see is the rotors, still trying to turn. I still cant believe this took place. This disaster (40 years ago) still haunts me to this day.
    I was with RVAH-13, Reconnaissance Attack Squadron Thirteen (Heavy) "Bats", flying RA-5C Vigilante ... and as I remember it, I was coming onto the flight deck to install a component into the jet, and I looked up and behind me as the HC was coming to land, and then noticed the SAM heading for the destroyer and I said 'oh shit' several times. The HC seemed to go full throttle and lifted and the SAM caught onto the heat signature from the HC and went directly into her and she exploded. I dove into the catwalk and saw the HC nearing the water below and it exploded again. I then picked up the tossed equipment and continued to the vigilante to install it. I was numb and in shock from the incident ... and am still dealing with it to this day ...
    conv SH-3G
    HC-1 w/o 22jul74 HC-1

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