Bell TH-1F Iroquois

This model is a version of 204

c/n 7325

Written off 2001

Helicopter Bell TH-1F Iroquois Serial 7325 Register 66-1249 N8123H used by US Air Force. Aircraft history


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usa 66-1249
US Air Force
conv UH-1P ?
wfu 1987
to civ as N8123H
usa 66-1249
US Air Force
US Randolph AFB ( 1972 )
1972-1976, I was a chopper mechanic at Randolph AFB during the time 66-1244, 66-1245, and 66-1249 was there. All three of them had some type of R
usa 66-1249
US Air Force
US Randolph AFB ( 1974 )
1974-1977 was at Randolph AFB with four other TH-1F Hueys, part of Air Training Command at that time. It and sister ship 66-1250 were painted dark blue and had possibly been used for presidential duty. Greg Jordan USAF crew chief helicopter 66-1249
usa 66-1249
US Air Force
US Langley AFB ( jan-80 )
jan80-jan83 I was the crew chief on this helicopter at Langley AFB, VA
Conair Jet Sales, Inc.
05sep01 1600hs ditched into the ocean after takeoff from the Puerto Plata airport, Dominican Republic. 1 injured. Helicopter sank into 1500 meters of water

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