Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican

This model is a version of S-61 H-3

c/n 61-660

Year 1970

Helicopter Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican Serial 61-660 Register 1483 used by US Coast Guard. Built 1970. Aircraft history


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usa 1483
US Coast Guard
Sikorsky S-61R c/n 61-660, ff?
del USCG as HH-3F 1483 unk
crashed off coast of Mexico while performing SAR mission for a vessel reported run aground, 29Jan79, aircraft rolled and inverted, but remained afloat, 2 survived, 2 killed
recovered and returned to service, unk date
wfu & stor AMARC as 440039, 21Sep93.
usa 1483
US Coast Guard
Last flight of USCG HH3F 1483 was on August 15, 1993 at 1050 local, when it was involved in an ground mishap. Main Rotor Blades striking hanger at Paducah Kentucky Regional while taxing to parking. All 5 of the aircrew egressed aircraft safely with minor injuries to 2 of the aircrew. 1 ground crewman injured.
usa 1483
US Coast Guard
The Perfect Storm (2000)
took part in the search and rescue depicted in the movie The Perfect Storm

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