Kaman UH-2A

This model is a version of Seasprite

c/n 12

Written off 1968

Helicopter Kaman UH-2A Serial 12 Register 147979 used by US Navy (United States Naval Aviation). Aircraft history and location


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usa 147979
US Navy
Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 12, ff?
del USN as UH2K-1, 147979 unk
redesig UH-2A Oct 1962
xfer HC-1 /UP-??, unk
xfer HC-4, Det-36, HT-54, unk
asgd USS Estes (AGC-12), unk
w/o 08apr68 when crashed into sea due to engine failue
6 crew recovered. HC-1
usa 147979
US Navy
HC-4 Det.36 /HT-54 Scooter 54 w/o 08apr68 six miles off Vung Tau, Vietnam HC-4
usa 147979
US Navy
My recall of the event:

notes I was the crew member on board this aircraft when it went down.
Lt C parks was the pilot and Lt JG Graham the co-pilot.
Lost power at 1300 ft auto rotated into ocean.
Upon deployment of floatation bags starboard bag blew up aircraft then turned violently to
starboard side aircraft quickly filled compartments with water i assisted the evacuation
of the 3 passengers and then swam clear of aircraft to raft. Was finally picked up by army helicopter.

usa 147979
US Navy
Danang Harbor

notes We paid the Army back in June 1969. A Huey fell out of the sky over Danang Harbor and we were just a mile behind. Hoovered up over them and dropped 2 rafts but they didn't know what they were and watched them float away. Being the only crewman on board I had to go in the water and the pilot had to operate the hoist. We took 4 up and I rode ashore on a river craft that showed up on site. P. Morris ADJ2. Det 36 March 1969- Dec 1969.

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