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  • Westland Lynx HAS2

    This model is a version of Lynx

    c/n 019

    Year 1977

    Helicopter Westland Lynx HAS2 Serial 019 Register XZ237 used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1977. Aircraft history and location

    Helicopter Westland Lynx  HAS2 Serial 019 Register XZ237 used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1977. Aircraft history and location
    By Steve Mills


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    united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

    1977-07-01RN f/f 01Jul77 Westlands Yeovil
    28Jul77 (log book date) 08Aug77 official Delivered MOD(PE) as HAS2 for trials
    12Jun79 to Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) Aberporth for trials
    04Dec80 to Westlands Yeovil
    10May83 to RNAY Fleetlands
    02May84 to 815Squadron coded -.306, noted RNAS Portland 21May84
    18Sep84 noted RNAS Portland coded -.302 of 815Squadron
    06Jul86 to 829 Squadron as -.604, noted RNAS Portland 21Nov86
    20Oct86 to NATIU RNAS Lee-on-Solent
    23Oct86 to 829 Squadron
    Unknown date to RNAY Fleetlands 829 NAS
    1978-11AEGDYRN Lynx HAS.2 noted at RNAS Yeovilton EGDY nov78 uncoded.
    1981-06-11BLFPB Paris No 248H At Paris Air Show 1981
    Westland Lynx HAS3 06Jun87 to NASU RNAS Yeovilton HAS3 Conversion
    23Nov87 to 829 Squadron coded -.603, noted RNAS Portland 27Nov87 829 NAS
    1988-05-16CEGDP as HAS3 type coded -.603 of 829 Squadron, HQ taken at RNAS Portland 829 NAS

    Westland Lynx HAS3S 21Nov89 to RNAY Fleetlands for HAS3S conversion (10th Conversion)
    26Mar90 to 829 Squadron
    16Apr90 to 829 squadron, HMS Cornwall coded CW.412 829 NAS
    1990-06-2222jun90 HAS.3 type: 829Sqn /CW-412 onboard HMS Cornwall
    1990-12-2020Dec90 to 815Squadron, HMS Arrow coded -.326
    1992 type:HAS.3 815Sqn./326 815 NAS
    1992-02-1010Feb92 to 815Squadron, HMS Gloucester coded PO.410
    12Feb92 RNAS Portland
    01Sep93 to AMG Portland, coded -.326
    07Jan94 uncoded and 25Jan94 coded PO.410
    11Jan95 noted RNAS Portland coded GC.410 of 815Squadron, HMS Gloucester
    16Mar95 to AMG Portland
    05sep95 to 815Squadron, HMS Brazen coded BZ.330
    27Sep95 at RNAS Portland
    Unknown date flight transferred to 815Squadron, HMS Norfolk coded NF.361 and noted 02Jul96 at RNAS Portland
    1996 HAS.3S type 815Sqn /NF-361 815 NAS
    2004 to 2006 coded -.301 of 815Squadron 815 NAS
    2007 type:HAS.3S 815Sqn./303 815 NAS
    2012-042011 to 2012 coded -.631 of 702 Squadron
    Apr12 retired and stripped for spares at RNAS Yeovilton 702 NAS

    2013-05May13 on loan to inflite engineering as a sample to aid manufacture
    2013-11DHixon Spares recovery to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013, still Apr 2014
    2017-10ornament at Wild Park Brailsford paintball park by Oct17

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