Bristol Sycamore Mk.52

This model is a version of Type 171 Sycamore

c/n 13458

Year 1959 to 1961

Helicopter Bristol Sycamore Mk.52 Serial 13458 Register AS+319 GB+117 G-18-131 used by Luftwaffe (German Air Force) Bristol Aeroplane Company. Built 1959. Aircraft history and location


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united kingdom G-18-131
Bristol Aeroplane Company
feb59 UK Weston-super-Mare Delivered HR.52 built at Oldmixon, del WGAF Feb 1959
germany GB+117
LTG 62 / GB+117
1 LRS / CB+026
FFS-S / AS+319
germany AS+319
17mar61 DE Hermannsburg Accident 17 Mar 1961 w/o during flight between Celle and Fa├čberg, crashed nr Hermannsburg.
Aircraft Retired / Not available by 1961

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