Boeing-Vertol 107-ii

c/n 108

Year 1964

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol 107-ii Serial 108 Register N108PA N189CH P2-CHE VH-UIB used by kawasaki helicopter system New York Airways Columbia Helicopters CHI Papua New Guinea CHI (Columbia Helicopters International). Built 1964. Aircraft history


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japan -
kawasaki helicopter system
Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv 107-ii
BV-107II-2 c/n 108
provided in kit form to Kawasaki 1962
built as KV-107II-2, c/n 4009, 1963.
usa N108PA
New York Airways
For N108PA see also:
    1963 kv-107ii-2 c/n 4009
NYA, op for PAA
Coogan s Bluff (1968)
1968 helo seen in Clint Eastwood movie: Coogans Bluff
usa N189CH
Columbia Helicopters
For N189CH see also:
    1963 kv-107ii-2 c/n 4009
Columbia Helicopters Intl 1969-Sep06
usa N189CH
Columbia Helicopters
PG Kiunga ( feb-71 )
Feb/Aug 1971 based in Kiunga, Papua New Guinea working for Texaco then handed over to BP Exploration working in Western Highlands
papua new guinea P2-CHE
CHI Papua New Guinea
For P2-CHE see also:
    1963 kv-107ii-2 c/n 4009
CHI Papua New Guinea ~1975, rtn to N189CH
australia VH-UIB
Australia 1980, rtn to N189CH
usa N189CH
Columbia Helicopters
Columbia Helicopters Inc from Jul16

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