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  • Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion

    This model is a version of S-65 H-53

    c/n 65-232

    Written off 1977

    Helicopter Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion Serial 65-232 Register 157139 used by US Marine Corps. Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Marine Corps

    1977-10-21HMH-462 /YF. w/o 21oct77 at Mindoro Philippines 24 fatalities of 37 aboard HMH-462
    I was with lsu foxtrot 3/4 it was fully loaded internally and lifting an external load. cable snapped up into the rotor blades. Myself and others were sent to recover the bodies. I still have nightmares. L/cpl P.H.Robinson H

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