Boeing-Vertol CH-46A

This model is a version of 107M H-46 Sea Knight

c/n 2003

Year 1962

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol CH-46A Serial 2003 Register 150267 N191CH P2-CHD used by US Marine Corps Columbia Helicopters CHI Papua New Guinea. Built 1962. Aircraft history

Boeing-Vertol CH-46A c/n 2003


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usa 150267
US Marine Corps
BV-107M, c/n 2003, ff?
accepted BuWepsRep FR Morton PA PA 07Nov62
asgd BuWepsRep RDT&E Morton PA 07Nov62
770 total flight hours
xfer NAS Memphis, TN 12Sep68
admin SOC 13Sep68
instructional airframe NATTC Memphis, TN
sold Columbia Helicopters
usa N191CH
Columbia Helicopters
Columbia Helicopters unk
rebuilt by CHI and reg by FAA as N191CH 24Apr79
lsd CHI-PNG as P2-CHD
rtn CHI as N191CH
lsd CHI-PNG as P2-CHD
rtn CHI as N191CH
papua new guinea P2-CHD
CHI Papua New Guinea
lsd CHI-PNG as P2-CHD
rtn CHI

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