Boeing CH-47D Chinook

C/N M.3461

Commercial CH-47

Helicopter Boeing CH-47D Chinook Serial M.3461 Register N49CU N160CZ 93-00934 used by UC Helitanker ,US Army Aviation Army Converted to Commercial CH-47. Aircraft history and location

Helicopter Boeing CH-47D Chinook Serial M.3461 Register N49CU N160CZ 93-00934 used by UC Helitanker ,US Army Aviation Army Converted to Commercial CH-47. Aircraft history and location

Boeing CH-47D Chinook N49CU    flight track ads-b

Aircraft History


usa US Army Aviation

1994US Army 93-0934
ex RAAF CH-47C A15-012 BuNo 73-21981
2006C/193rd AVN. HI ArNG
For N160CZ see also
        uh-60a 70-071


usa Unical Defense Inc

Boeing Commercial CH-47 UNICAL Aviation from 28aug16, Middleton, Delaware GSA Divestiture Auction, Reg 24feb17
2020-02-15 Victorville, California
2020-02-16 Modesto, California
2020-04-23 flew up Hwy 101 from Bremerton to Port Angeles, WA, then headed north into Canada
19:00 hs just north of Victoria, Canada, headed North following Hwy 1.


usa Unical Defense Inc

Boeing Commercial CH-47 Uc Helitanker 1 Llc at City Of Industry, CA from Apr20
Coulson Flying Tankers UC Helitanker
2020-04-23 Bremerton, Washington

2020-05-05 Vancouver Island, British Columbia CA
2020-05-06 Mc Minnville, Oregon
2020-05-07 Red Bluff, California
2020-05-16 Madera, California
Tehachapi, California
2020-05-28 A KSBDSan Bernardino, California
Loma Linda, California
2020-06-13 Porterville, California
South Lake Tahoe, California
2020-08-01 Merced, California
Keene, California
2020-08-02 B KREI - Redlands, California
2020-08-28 San Miguel, California
2020-09-29 Porterville, California
2020-10-07 El Mirage, California
2020-12-16 C SCIE - Talcahuano, Biobío CL
2021-05-05 Houston, Texas
2021-05-06 Horseshoe Bay, Texas
2021-05-07 Coolidge, Arizona
2021-05-23 San Bernardino, California
2021-06-07 Wickenburg, Arizona
2021-06-13 Banning, California
2021-06-22 Truckee, California
Bend, Oregon
Yakima, Washington
2021-06-24 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
2021-10-21 Auburn, California
2021-10-22 Indian Springs, Nevada
Albuquerque, New Mexico
2021-10-23 Horseshoe Bay, Texas
2021-10-24 Manvel, Texas
2022-06-03 La Grange, Texas
Coolidge, Arizona
2022-06-06 Rancho Mirage, California
2022-07-22 Nephi, Utah
Brigham City, Utah
Dillon, Montana
2022-09-27 Las Vegas, Nevada
2022-12-19 Phoenix, Arizona
2022-12-20LILY in route to Argentina for firefighting
Manejo del Fuego programme badge

Phoenix, Arizona
2022-12-23 Guatemala City, Guatemala GT
2022-12-25 Punta Congo, Darien, Panama
, Panamá City PA
2022-12-30 Callao, Lima PE
2023-01-03 D SAZSbased in Bariloche, Argentina for 120 days under contract by national Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development ( Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible ) Argentina Leased Coulson Chinook Firefighter Helicopter
2023-01-24 E SA89At San Pedro, Bs As province with Entre Rios province firefighters
Chinook in San Pedro
2023-02-19 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro AR
2023-02-22 D SAZSSan Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro AR Coulson Firefighter Chinook in Argentina
2023-03-05 E SA89San Pedro, Buenos Aires AR
2023-07-07 Appleton, WI. I just saw it and felt it fly over my apartment. Holy cow!! Shook the building a little bit!
F KFSMFort Smith, Arkansas
Diboll, Texas
Branson West, Missouri
Platteville, Wisconsin
Neenah, Wisconsin
Green Bay, Wisconsin
2023-07-08 Green Bay, WI. cruising along the shoreline north of Green Bay, Wisconsin headed north, most likely toward Canada to help put out some of those wildfires
G KGRBGreen Bay, Wisconsin
New Liskeard, Ontario CA
2023-08-24 Steinbach, Manitoba CA
2023-08-25 Regina, SK. Was just flying and looks like landed in Regina Sask. approx 1:30 pm
Winnipeg, Manitoba CA
2023-08-26 Kelowna, British Columbia CA
2023-09-21 North Vancouver, British Columbia CA

Call sign for this aircraft: N160CZ N49CU

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