Boeing-Vertol CH-113A Voyageur

This model is a version of 107-ii

c/n 4012

Year 1965

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol CH-113A Voyageur Serial 4012 Register 10418 11318 N4635G used by Columbia Helicopters Canadian Army (1945-1968) Canadian Armed Forces Boeing Helicopters. Built 1965. Aircraft history


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usa N4635G
Boeing Helicopters
BV-107II-28, c/n 4012, ff?
Boeing test reg N4635G, 1965
del Cdn Army as CH-113A Voyageur 10418, 02Jun65.
canada 10418
Canadian Army (1945-1968)
del Cdn Army as CH-113A Voyageur 10418, 02Jun65
xfer CAF, reserialled as 11318, 1968.
canada 11318
Canadian Armed Forces
xfer to CAF, reserialled as 11318, 1968
conv SARCUP std, unk
sold to Columbia Helicopters, 2008, placed in store Aruora, OR for future refurb.
usa -
Columbia Helicopters
2004 sold to Columbia Helicopters 2008, placed in stor Aurora, OR for future refurb.

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