Boeing-Vertol CH-46A

C/N 2008

Built 1963

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol CH-46A Serial 2008 Register 150271 used by US Navy USN ,US Marine Corps USMC. Built 1963. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


usa US Marine Corps

1963-07-24BV-107M, ff 1963
del USMC 24Jul63 as CH-46A 150271
asgd Boeing RDT&E Morton, PA 01Aug63
asgd HMM-265 10Jul64
asgd Boeing 20Jan65
asgd HMM-265 20Apr65
asgd HMM-262 25Jun66
xfer A&T NAS North Island, CA 23Sep66
asgd HAMRON 16 COSA 06Dec66
asgd HMM-265 13Jan67
xfer FAWPRA Atsugi, Japan 08Aug68
xfer A&T NAS Atsugi, Japan 10Sep68
xfer HMM-265 09Oct68
xfer HMM-164 28Sep69
xfer H&MS 36 COSA 01May70
xfer NAF Cam Ranh Bay 01Jun70
asgd Det T 01Mar71
xfer NAS Cubi Pt, PI asgd Det TS 11Jan72
xfer FAWPRA Atsugi 01Dec72
xfer NARF CherPt, NC 11Aug73 HMM-164
HH-46A 150271 was transferred to NAS Cubi Point during 1977 after having gone down in the Alaskan tundra and sitting in place for over a year. The OMD maintenance crew put countless hours into restoration and PMCP flights with an exemplary effort. When I left Cubi Point in March 1980 it was still a strong flying bird. We were told this was the oldest model, flyable H-46 in inventory. Further info on movement unknown.
I flew this aircraft at NAS Adak in 1977-78 as HH-46A model. In 1978, we transferred it by barge to Seattle, where it was trucked to NAS North Island for CH-46D conversion. OPLIFTED to NAS Cubi Point on USS Belleau Wood, 1978

usa US Navy

redesig HH-46A 14Sep73
xfer NAS Pensacola FL 16Nov73
xfer HCT-16 12Nov74
xfer NAVSTA Adak AK 17Mar75
conv HH-46D unk
xfer HC-6, HW01, unk
SOC by Sep98. HC-6
1979 A RPMB -1980 I flew on this at NAS Cubi Point
1990 B Persian Gulf /91 desert storm as HC-5 /04 aboard USS San Jose (AFS-7)

“ I'm David Flockencier. I crewed 150271, tail #04 on board the USS San Jose. HC5 Det 1 during operation desert shield/storm in 1990-91. She was my favorite bird to fly. I was second crewman and rescue swimmer then. We left Guam in August I think and stayed in the PI for a couple weeks then went to Singapore for 2 days. Then we were on our way across the Indian Ocean and up to the north Arabian Sea and into the Persian gulf. We split our time between Maharashtra, Oman and fuhjira,UAE when we weren't servicing the fleet. We did lots work with the Independence battle group and one or two Marine Amphibious Groups. We probably served at least 30 ships. So many I couldn't keep track of them all. I remember one of them was the USS Nassau, a helo carrier and its group. 150271 was always ready to do the job. I always had faith in her. One time though I thought we were in big trouble. We took off from the Jose and were flying around for about 45 minuets and everything seemed fine until we all heard what sounded like an engine winding down. Everyone was freaking out until we realized that the APU overtemped And did an auto-shutdown! Scared the crap out of all of us, but once we figured out the pilots forgot to shut down the APU we all had a big laugh and a sigh of relief. I'll never forget that bird. Hardly ever went down and had lots of power and we had her tracked and balanced perfectly. The other helo we had on that Det was 151952 and she's hanging from the ceiling at the Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola NAS. She was a/c 05. They've got her painted differently now but it's still the same ship. I'll never forget those two helos and my time flying in them. God bless the USA and Go Navair! ”

1991 C PGUM 1990/92 as HH-46D asg HC-5 /04 onboard NAS Agana in Guam during my tour 90-92. All the maintenance pubs we had started with this BUNO HC-5

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