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    List of Helicopter Operators

    Military Forces
    Egyptian Navy
    El Qūwāt El Gawīyä El Maṣrīya

    Petroleum Air Services

    Aircraft Prefix


    Helicopter Operations

    1981 Multinational Force and Observers
    1956 Operation Musketeer

    Egypt News

    03-Jan-23 - Twelve CH-47F Chinooks for Egypt #Egypt
    29-May-22 - CH-47F Chinook Approved for Egypt #DSCA
    10-Jan-22 - Egypt Upgrades Apaches to AH-64E Version #Egypt
    19-Nov-19 - Sixth AW139 for Egypt’ Petroleum Air Services #Dubai2019
    25-Apr-19 - Egypt May Have Ordered AW149 #AW149
    06-Dec-18 - Mi-8/17 Certified Repair Center in Egypt in 2019 #Egypt
    03-Dec-18 - Approved Ten AH-64E for Egypt #Egypt
    05-Apr-17 - Royal Navy Merlin Deployed Aboard French Mistral
    11-Mar-17 - Ka-52 Deliveries to Egypt to Begin in 2017
    13-Jul-16 - Kaman Seasprite Spares Depot in Egypt
        More News ...

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