GU Guam


List of Helicopter Operators

Hansen Helicopters Inc
Tropic Helicopters

Guam News

20-Jun-20 - Guam Navy Helicopter Rescues Hikers #hikers
27-May-20 - USS Theodore Roosevelt Returned to Sea #coronavirus
24-May-20 - Guam Navy Squadron MedEvac Cruise Ship #Guam
29-Jul-19 - HSC-25 Rescues Distressed Sailor at Sea #MedicalEvacuation
25-Apr-19 - American Seahawk in Australian Frigate
24-Apr-19 - Navy Firefighting in Southern Guam #firefighting
06-Jun-16 - Erickson Pumas VERTREP for US Navy
25-Sep-14 - Navy HSC-25 in Forager Fury III exercise

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