SE Sweden


Hkp.1 - Vertol 44
Hkp.2 - Alouette 2
Hkp.3b/c - ab204 (AF/Army)
Hkp.4a/d - Vertol 107 (AF)
Hkp.4b - Vertol 107 (Navy)
Hkp.4c - kv-107ii
Hkp.5a/b - Hughes 269A/300C
Hkp.6a/b/c - ab206 (Army/Navy/AF)
Hkp.9a/b - Bo105 (Army/AF)
Hkp.10 - AS332 Super Puma
Hkp.11 - ab412
Hkp.14 - NH90
Hkp.15 - A109m LUHS
Hkp.16 - UH-60M

Sweden News

05-Oct-19 - Curti Zefhir Offered by Savback to Northern Europe #NorthenEurope
12-Sep-19 - Drone UMS Skeldar at DSEI 2019
16-Aug-19 - Bell Representative for Sweden and Finland #Bell
24-Jul-19 - UMS SKELDAR at Swedish Aviation Technical Training School
30-Mar-19 - Trakka Gets POA Certificate from EASA #POA
24-Feb-19 - Bright Future for Skeldar Helicopter Drone #drones
17-Oct-18 - Stretcher Case Study for AW169 #stretcher
10-Oct-18 - Sweden Selling Six AS332M1 Super Puma #SuperPuma
20-Aug-18 - Saab Self-protection Systems for India’ Dhruv #protection
01-Jun-18 - BSAA AW169 Starts Operations at Göteborg #ambulance
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