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    Established 1938, Turbomeca produced low- and medium-power gas turbine turboshaft engines for helicopters and other applications. SNECMA Group acquired the company in September 2001. In 2005 SNECMA merged with SAGEM to form SAFRAN. In 2016 SAFRAN subsidiaries were rebranded into current names.

    As of 2020, has produced over 72,000 turbines for more than 2,500 customers in 155 countries. With 6,300 employees worldwide (5000 in France) they produced around 718 new engines and repaired other 1700 annually.

    The French State is Safran Helicopter Engines' first customer, with more than 1,600 engines powering around 550 helicopters in service. All of these engines have accumulated more than 3.4 million operating hours.

    Safran engines in France


       Ardiden 1H1 Shakti1384dhruv , lch
       Ardiden 1U / Shakti1400luh
       Ardiden 3C / WZ161800AC352
       Ardiden 3G1680Ka-62
    Arrano1200H160 , H160M
       Arriel 1681
       Arriel 1B650hb350b
       Arriel 1C2763as565aa , as365n2
       Arriel 1D1712as350b2 , AirMule / Cormorant
       Arriel 1E2738ec145 , uh-72a
       Arriel 1K723a109k
       Arriel 1M1783as565sa
       Arriel 1S1403s-76c
       Arriel 2B847as350b3
       Arriel 2B1847ec130b4
       Arriel 2C851as365n3
       Arriel 2C1839ec155b
       Arriel 2C2938ec155b1
       Arriel 2D952h125 , h130 , as350b3e , EC130T2
       Arriel 2E894bk117d3 , h145 , h145m , uh-72b
       Arriel 2H986AC312E
       Arriel 2L21024LCH / LAH
       Arriel 2S2897
       Arrius 2B1430ec135t1
       Arrius 2B1A457
       Arrius 2B2485ec135t2 , ec135t2+
       Arrius 2B2Plus660ec135t3
       Arrius 2F450H120 , EC120 , EC120B
       Arrius 2G1580Ka-226T
       Arrius 2R504505
    ArtousteSO-1120 Ariel III
       Artouste IIC329Alouette II , se3130
       Artouste IIIB543sa315b , sa316b , se3160 , sa316b
    AstazouSA361 Dauphin
       Astazou IIA473
       Astazou IIIC590
       Astazou IIIN590ah.1
       Astazou XIV B543sa319b
       Astazou XIV F543
       Astazou XIV H590
       Astazou XIV M590sa342m
    Hybrid Propulsion
       Makila 1A11768as332L1 , h215 , as332l1 , as532sc , Puma Mk2
       Makila 2A12382ec225lp
    PalousteUltralight , SO-1221 Djinn
       Turmo III B750SE.3200 Frelon
       Turmo III C41169
       Turmo III C71274super frelon
       Turmo IV C1261sa330e , sa330l , 330L

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