Helicopter Engines

Safran (Turbomeca) Arrius

Introduced in 1996, Arrius engines cover a power range of between 450 and 750 shp. They are intended for single and twin-engine helicopters weighing between 1.5 and 3.2 tonnes.

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Type: Turboshaft


Arrius Engines Achieved 10 Million Flight Hours, 11-Oct-19 : #Arrius Safran celebrating 10 million flight hours for the Arrius family. Introduced by Turbomeca in 1996, more than 3,800 engines were delivered to 430 customers in 60 countries. Arrius covers 450-750 shp power range and flies in both single and twin-engine light helicopters

Safran to Support Thailand’ Government Engines, 02-Jul-19 : #engines Safran extended partnership with Thai Aviation Industries (TAI) to support around 50 engines including the ones used by Royal Thai Air Force, Army, Navy, Police and Survey Department as the Makila (H225M) and Arriel (H125M, H145M, AS365N3+ and H155) and Arrius

Arriel and Arrius Support Service in Russia, 24-May-19 : #HeliRussia Citicopter, a Maintenance, Repair and Overtaul (MRO) center in Moscow and part of Heliatica, named Safran official distributor in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States for the Arriel and Arrius engine families

Predictive Maintenance: the “Dominno” Effect, 06-Jul-18 : #maintenance Under Government contract, Safran is responsible for maintaining several families of helicopter engines used by the French armed forces in a state of operational readiness


Arrius 2B1430
Arrius 2B1A457
Arrius 2B2485
Arrius 2B2Plus660
Arrius 2F450
Arrius 2G1580
Arrius 2R504