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    MTU MTR390

    MTU MTR390

    The MTR390 is a turboshaft engine featuring a free power turbine; it is the leading technology engine family in the 1,000-kW to 1,350-kW class. The MTR390 is the exclusive propulsion system for Airbus Tiger helicopter. The production engines of the MTR390-2C version (basic version) were delivered from 2002 to mid-2010, including 242 engines for the German-French-Spanish Tiger program and 52 for Australia's ARH program.

    An enhanced engine version providing 14 percent more power, known as MTR390-E, was concluded in 2011.

    As of August 2018, firm orders have been received for a total of 492 engines and the MTR390 has accumulated 200,000 flight hours.

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    SHP: 1170
    Type: Turboshaft


    Tiger’ Engine MTR390 Maintenance at Bordeaux, 01-Aug-18 : Tiger engine MTR390 new maintenance and repair facility goes operational in Bordeaux, France. Another facility to be located at Albacete, Spain is scheduled for April 2019

    Used by

    Eurocopter Tiger / Tigre



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