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    Rolls-Royce T406 / AE 1107C-Liberty

    Rolls-Royce T406 / AE 1107C-Liberty

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    SHP: 6150
    Type: Turboshaft


    One Million Flight Hours for the AE 1107C Engine, 22-Oct-19 : #Osprey The Rolls-Royce T406 / AE 1107C engines which powers the 375 Bell/Boeing MV-22B and CV-22B Ospreys of the US Marine Corps and US Air Force have achieved one million flight hours since introduction in late 1986

    Osprey Engines Maintenance by StandardAero, 18-Jul-18 : FIA 2018 StandardAero first MRO of Rolls-Royce T406 / AE 1107C engine at the company’s Maryville, Tennessee facility. Represents the beginning of a 20-year, multi-engine agreement signed in April

    Used by

    Bell CV-22B Osprey
    Bell MV-22B Osprey


    T406 / AE 1107C-Liberty6150

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