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    Klimov VK-2500

    Klimov VK-2500

    The VK-2500 series is an upgrade of the TV3-117VMA.
    VK-2500-I - 1500/2000 shp
    VK-2500-II - 1500/2200 shp
    VK-2500-III - 1750/2400 shp

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    SHP: 2200
    Type: Turboshaft


    VK2500P Engine for Mi and Ka Helicopters, 23-May-21 : #VK2500 Russian United Engine Corporation (UEC) began mass production of VK-2500P for Mi-28NM gunship. The new engine can be used in other Mi and Ka military helicopters as well.

    Mi-171A2 Certified in India and Colombia, 01-Dec-19 : #Certificate New Russian helicopter Mi-171A received civilian certification in India and Colombia allowing deliveries to start. Already certified in Russia, approvals from China, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico and Peru among others are expected to follow soon

    Russia Offers Upgrade Ka-32A11M to South Korea, 16-Oct-19 : #Ka32A11M Russian helicopters featuring the Ka-32, Ka-226T, Mi-171A2 and Ansat at the International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition ADEX 2019 in Seoul Airport, South Korea, October 15-20. The Ka-32A11M upgrade with glass cockpit, more powerful VK-2500PS-02 engines and a new firefighting system is offered to South Korea

    Russian Helicopters at SPIEF 2019, 11-Jun-19 : #SPIEF Russian Helicopters gain financial support from Novikombank at the XXIII St Petersburg International Economic Forum, SPIEF 2019, for continuing development of PD-14 and VK-2500 engines and civilian helicopters

    Russian Helicopter Engines Repair Center in Vietnam, 29-Apr-19 : Russian United Engine Corporation (UEC) Klimov opened an helicopter engines repair center in Vũng Tàu, Vietnam for medium repairs of TV3-117 and VK-2500 engines operated by the country’ Mi-17

    Mi-171 with VK-2500-03 Engine Certified in China, 07-Apr-19 : #VK2500 Chinese Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) granted certification to the Mi-171 with Klimov VK-2500-03 engines. Special suited for cargo and firefighting demonstrated taking 3.5 tons bambi bucket at an altitude of 3,000 meters ~ 9,800 feet

    Russian VK-2500 Engines to be Certified in China, 10-Apr-18 : United Engine Corporation (UEC) Klimov, part of Russian state corporation Rostec, is validating VK-2500 turboshaft engines in China. Used in newest Mi-17/171 variants

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    Used by

    Mil Mi-171E
    Mil Mi-171A2
    Russian Helicopters Ka-52M



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