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    Klimov VK-650V

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    SHP: 650
    Type: Turboshaft


    First Run for VK-650V Turbine Engine, 02-Feb-21 : #engine Russian company Klimov, part of Rostec, has started testing the first VK-650V prototype for the Ka-226T and Ansat-U light helicopters which are currently powered by foreign turbine engines

    Prototype Engine for the Ka-226T, 04-Jan-21 : #engine Russian Klimov company unveiled demonstrator of the new VK-650V 650hp turboshaft engine developed to replace the Safran Arrius 2 in use by the Ka-226T helicopter. Certification scheduled for 2024 and expected to be used also by Ansat-U and VTR-500

    VK-650V Turbine Engine for Ka-226T, 11-Sep-19 : #Ka226T Klimov-UEC company, part of Rostec, has begun the development of the VK-650V gas turbine turboshaft engine for the Ka-226T light helicopter which are currently powered by a pair of French Safran Arrius 2G1