united kingdom 13.5nm N of Sherringham

Sherringham, Offshore UK

United Kingdom


Satellite and aerial maps of 13.5nm N of Sherringham with nearby locations

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8.8234UK27 Sheringham Shoal OWF, Offshore UK
13.9039UK04 Dudgeon OWF, Offshore UK
26.1208 Cley Marshes, England
28.2017LNL Lancelot LA platform, Offshore UK
30.4294UK18 Race Bank OWF, Offshore UK
34.9050ANA Anglia A platform, Offshore UK

53° 10' 6'' N - 1° 14' 54'' E
13.5nm N of Sherringham

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List of aircraft and events at 13.5nm N of Sherringham

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1998-sep-04 AccidentFleet Air ArmSea King HAS.5ZA136

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