netherlands Amsterdam Harbour

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


Satellite and aerial maps of Amsterdam Harbour with nearby locations

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0.6010 Amsterdam dockyard, Noord-Holland
6.1183 Amsterdam RAI, Noord-Holland
6.3290EHHA Amsterdam Heliport, Noord-Holland
7.1198 VU Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
12.9222EHAM Schiphol Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
14.0223 Aviodome Museum, Noord-Holland

52° 23' 41.37'' N - 4° 53' 28.92'' E

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List of aircraft and events at Amsterdam Harbour

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By Date | By Serial

SIGMA 10513 class 613 Tarik Ben Ziad 18mar13
SIGMA 9813 class 614 Sultan Moulay Ismail 18mar13
Cantabria class A-15 Cantabria 05feb16
702 Class A1412 Frankfurt am Main 03may13
Joint Support Ship class A833 Zr Ms Karel Doorman 04feb16
AB212 ASWMM80953 apr98
AB212 ASWMM81090 apr98
AB212 ASWTCB-47 apr98
Maestrale class F 574 Aliseo 04apr98
F100 Alvaro de Bazan F-101 Alvaro de Bazan 05feb16
Santa Maria class F-84 Reina Sofia 04apr98
F 122 Bremen class F207 Bremen 03may13
F 122 Bremen class F210 Emden 03may13
F 122 Bremen class F214 Lübeck 04apr98
F 123 Brandenburg class F215 Brandenburg 12apr13
F 124 Sachsen class F219 Sachsen 12apr13
Type 23 Duke class F231 HMS Argyll 04apr98
Type 23 Duke class F234 HMS Iron Duke 05feb16
Knox class F257 TCG Akdeniz 04apr98
De Zeven Provinciën class F805 Hr.Ms. Evertsen 30apr13
Karel Doorman class F828 Hr.Ms. Van Speijk 04apr98
Type 23 Duke class F83 HMS St Albans 10mar13
Knox class FF-1056 USS Connole jul91
Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class FFG-56 USS Simpson 04apr98
Lynx HAS2XZ722 apr98
Lynx HAS3SZF562 05feb16
Lynx mk27267 apr98
Lynx mk8883+05 apr98
Lynx mk8883+09 apr98
Merlin HM.1ZH841 10mar13
Invincible class R06 HMS Illustrious 28sep99
S-70B-1 SeahawkHS.23-02 apr98
S-70B-1 SeahawkHS.23-10 05feb16
Sea King HAS.1XV649 28sep99
Sea King HAS.1XV650 28sep99
Sea King HAS.1XV706 28sep99
Sea King HAS.2XZ571 28sep99
Sea King HAS.2XZ574 28sep99
Sea King HAS.5ZA128 28sep99
Sea King HAS.5ZA133 28sep99
Sea King HAS.5ZD630 28sep99
Sea King HAS.5ZD633 28sep99
Sea King HAS.5ZE420 28sep99
SH-3D Sea KingHS.9-7 05feb16
SH-60B Seahawk163235 apr98
SH-60B Seahawk163248 apr98
UH-2B152191 jul91

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