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  • canada St John's International Airport

    St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador


    Satellite and aerial maps of St Johns International with nearby locations

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    5.1174CCK2 St Johns Health Sciences Centre helipad, Newfoundland and Labrador
    13.4254CAZBL Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador
    17.4275CCV4 Bell Island, Newfoundland and Labrador
    20.6236CCX2 Long Pond helipad, Newfoundland and Labrador
    113.8310CCZ3 Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador
    165.2281CLH7 Long Harbour River helipad, Newfoundland and Labrador

    47° 37' 6.96'' N - 52° 45' 6.84'' W
    St John's, Newfoundland
    Elevation: 458 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at St Johns International

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    By Date | By Serial

    1985-apr-27 UHNL AS332L C-GQLS
    2003-nov-11 S-61N C-FTIG
    2004-may-16 CH-149 149903 / 903
    2004-dec-18 CH-149 149906 / 906
    2006-aug-28 Cougar Helicopters AS332L C-GQCH
    2006-nov-11 SA319B 997
    2006-nov-12 Cougar Helicopters S-92A C-GMCH
    2007-feb-14 S-61N C-FTIG
    2008-aug-30 S-92A C-GZCH
    2008-sep-03 Cougar Helicopters S-92A C-GMCH
    2009-mar-08 VIH Helicopters Ltd EC135P2 C-FLIE
    2009-mar-12 accidentCougar Helicopters S-92A C-GZCH
    2009-mar-29 Cougar Helicopters S61N.MK2 C-GYCH
    2010-may-18 Cougar Helicopters S61N.MK2 C-GYCH
    2011-mar-05 Cougar Helicopters S-92A C-GEKN
    2011-apr-23 Cougar Helicopters S-92A C-GMCH
    2012-jun-26 Cougar Helicopters S-92A C-GMCH
    2012-sep-10 Cougar Helicopters S-92A C-GKKN
    2013-apr-09 Cougar Helicopters S-92A C-GKKN
    2013-apr-23 MV-22B 166719
    2013-apr-23 MV-22B 166721
    2013-apr-23 MV-22B 168225
    2014-jun-09 HMX-1 MV-22B 168284
    2014-jun-09 HMX-1 MV-22B 168289
    2014-jun-09 HMX-1 MV-22B 168306
    2014-jun-09 HMX-1 MV-22B 168324
    2014-aug-16 CHC S-92A C-FBYI
    2014-aug-25 HMX-1 MV-22B 168289
    2014-aug-25 HMX-1 MV-22B 168302
    2014-aug-25 HMX-1 MV-22B 168327
    2014-aug-25 HMX-1 MV-22B 168335
    2014-aug-25 Cougar Helicopters S-92A C-GKKN
    2014-dec-29 CHC S-92A C-FBXY
    2015-may-24 CHC S-92A C-FBXY
    2016-nov-22 Cougar Helicopters S-92A C-GFCH
    2019-jan Cougar Helicopters S-92A C-GMCH
    2020-jan-15 Cougar Helicopters S-92A C-GDKN
    2020-mar-20 Cougar Helicopters 412EP C-FYVB
    2020-apr-25 Cougar Helicopters S-92A C-GKKF

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